Woman ends life after boyfriend is shot dead

A woman committed suicide in Bengaluru after her husband and in-laws shot and killer her alleged lover. The murder and the following suicide took place on Friday. According to The Indian Express, lawyer Amith Keshavamurthy and Panchayat Development Officer Shruthi Gowda were in a relationship. On Friday, the duo had driven to an isolated spot in North Bengaluru in Shruthi’s car where they were accosted by the latter’s husband and father-in-law. Rajesh Gowda, son of influential Bengaluru developer Gopala Krishna, had got a whiff of the alleged affair and planted a GPS tracker in her car. On Friday when Shruthi and Amith headed out in the car, Rajesh and his father followed them.

“The accused found the car parked at an isolated place in north Bengaluru with the couple inside. They allegedly fired two rounds in Amith’s chest using a gun owned by Gopal Krishna,” The Indian Express reports.
It is not clear who — Rajesh or Gopala — pulled the trigger. Police said that after Amith was shot, Shruthi sped away in the car with him.”One bullet landed on the left side of Amith’s chest and another in his right shoulder. Shruthi reportedly sped away with a profusely bleeding Amith and rushed to Sapthagiri Hospital, Hesaraghatta Main Road,” reports The Times of India.

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