Viral Video : Sikh Girl taught a Lesson to Eve Teaser

A video has gone viral on Social Media in which a Sikh Girl can be seen slapping a Miscreant who was involved in eve teasing at Railway Station. The braveheart Sikh Girl thrashed and insulted Eve Teaser in Public. The girl taught a life time lesson to that miscreant. The Girl and other people can be seen involved in heated arguments with Eve Teaser. There is no further Informaion about the incident but the video is making headlines on social media and people are praising bravery of the Girl.

In India, There are many incidents in which Girls harassed at educational institutions, places of worship, bus stands, metro-stations, railway stations, cinema theatres, parks, beaches, places of festival, public service vehicles or any other similar place by such miscreants . Eve-teasing occurs in public places which can be effectively curbed, with a little effort, Consequences of not curbing such a menace, needless to say, at times are disastrous. In India, There are many instances where young girls are harassed, which sometimes may lead to serious psychological problems and even committing suicide. Every citizen in this country has right to live with dignity and honour . Sexual harassment like eve- teasing of women amounts to violation of rights. The term eve-teasing is referred as Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment of women, verbally, or by making vulgar gestures or by winking, whistling or staring, in public places such as in streets, public transportation, park and many places of public meeting.

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