TV news presenter Supreet Kaur reads out headlines of husband’s death

A TV news presenter learned of her husband’s tragic death in a car crash as she delivered a breaking news report on live TV.
Supreet Kaur, who reads the news for India’s IBC24, kept her composure as a reporter on the phone gave details about the crash and the victims.
Although he didn’t identify the victims by name the reporter said three of five people in the car were dead.
There were enough details for Kaur, 28, to realise that her husband, Harsad Kawade, was one of the three who were killed.
Her husband was travelling in the same type of car – a Renault Duster – on the same road at the same time with four friends.
After the report finished she kept on reading other headlines for around ten minutes.

She broke down in tears after the Saturday morning broadcast came to an end, the Hindustan Times reported.
A senior editor said staff learned that her husband was dead while she was reading the news.
The editor said: “But we did not tell her. We did not have the courage.”
The editor added: “She got a sense that it was her husband’s vehicle. She read the bulletin and only when she came out of the studio, she started calling her relatives.”
One colleague said: “She is an extremely brave lady. We are proud of her as an anchor, but what happened today has left us in shock.”
Kaur, who has a young daughter, has been a news anchor with Chhattisgarh-based IBC24 for nine years.

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