Sukhpal Khaira alleges conspiracy to remove him

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In a video on Facebook, Khaira on Friday, alleged a conspiracy within the party to poison the minds of AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia, to have him removed from the post of leader of the AAP legislative party in the state assembly.

Following is the copy of memorandum given to the hon’ble Governor on the burning issue of drugs.
Sh. V.P.Singh Badnore ji,
Hon’ble Governor,

Subject :- Demand for impartial inquiry against top policemen including Mr. Suresh Arora DGP, SSP Rajjit Singh and others for their complicity with drug mafia of the state.
As stated above, blatant, alarming and sensational reports of top police officers having deep connections with drug mafia in Punjab have emerged during the last few days. Unfortunately, despite such glaring evidence of complicity of the said police officers with drug cartels, the Capt. Amarinder Singh government has turned a complete blind eye to the nefarious nexus, merely to protect and shield its blue eyed officers. The said scandalous reports have been widely covered by both electronic as well as print media.
It is a matter of fact, that the affidavits filed by STF on drugs and the SIT constituted by the Hon’ble High Court have pointed a clear cut finger on the nefarious role of SSP Rajjit Singh, Suresh Arora DGP and Dinkar Gupta DGP Intelligence, for their links with the dismissed Inspector Inderjeet Singh for running a massive drug scandal in Punjab.
Thereafter, another sensational disclosure made by the said Inspector Inderjeet Singh during his interrogation by the STF last year, revealed that he as SHO Taran Taran used to pay the then SSP Rajjit Singh a monthly of Rs. 10 to 12 lacs earned out of drug money. Inderjeet also confessed that the said SSP Rajjit Singh had full knowledge of the drug racket in the district and that he purchased many properties out of the drug money, besides investing this money overseas.
Inderjeet Singh also confessed that while SHO at Tarn Taran he registered a FIR No. 250 of 2015 PS Taran Taran under NDPS act, where in he with the blessings of SSP Rajjit Singh falsely implicated innocent persons and took Rs. 17 lacs bribe from them. SSP Rajjit Singh used his influence to get the sample of drugs seized in the NDPS FIR failed from the forensic laboratory at Kharar, in order to give a clean chit to the real culprits.
Taking cognizance of this glaring act of corruption and false implication of innocent people in the above said NDPS FIR, the Vigilance Bureau then headed by Mr. Suresh Arora now DGP registered FIR No. 1 dated 12.02.2015 to investigate the nefarious role of SSP Rajjit Singh and the tainted dismissed Inspector Inderjeet Singh. The then Chief Director Vigilance in order to save the guilty police officers sat over such a blatant case of corruption, false implication, planting of drugs under NDPS and then getting the samples failed, for good over more than two years.
The said scandal erupted now after the STF report regarding the contents of interrogation carried out against Inderjeet Singh emerged in a big way on the electronic media. Succumbing to pressure the VB summoned SSP Rajjit Singh, confiscated his passport and issued a LOC against him.
We are of the firm opinion, that drug trafficking in Punjab is not possible without the blessings, support and connivance of the top officers of the Punjab police, as is evident from the role of Mr. Suresh Arora DGP, Mr. Dinkar Gupta DGP and Rajjit Singh SSP. Our allegations stand substantiated by the recent dismissal of DSP Daljit Singh Dhillon, who motivated even women to become addicts and then couriers besides exploiting them sexually. Many more SHO level field officers have also been named for their involvement with drug mafia during the past two weeks.
It is pertinent to mention here, that the drug menace continues to claim the precious lives of our youth every day. Unfortunately, the Capt. Amarinder Singh government in order to divert attention of the people has initiated a debate on a non issue like the dope test.
Therefore, we demand that the role, connivance and complicity of above said top police with drug mafia be either handed over to the CBI, or a judicial commission comprising a sitting judge of the High Court be constituted to impartially investigate the police-drug mafia nexus in Punjab.
Thanking you,

Following is the letter written to CM to have a totally false case registered under NDPS Act reinvestigated, implicating a youth of Moga by planting Chitta powder and a pistol, during the tenure of Rajjit Singh SSP. It also exposes the same modus oprendi adopted by the police to frame innocent people, as the boy was picked up from home two days before but arrest was shown at a police nakka. I have spoken to Mr. Harpreet Singh Sidhu ADGP and Chief of STF and Mr. G.S.Toor now SSP Moga for justice. The CCTV links are provided alongwith.
Capt. Amarinder Singh,
Chief Minister,

Subject :- Request for fair and impartial inquiry into the alleged false implication of
Parminder Singh @ Dhanni ,in FIR No. 58 dated: 31-3-2018 U/s 21/22/61/85 NDPS Act and
25/54/59 Arms Act, P.S. City Moga.
Dear Capt. Amarinder Singh ji,
I am pained to bring to your notice a very serious matter of utter false implication of a young boy in a serious NDPS case by unscrupulous police officials, that brings a bad name not only to the entire police force but also undermines the trust of common people in the very system itself.
The facts of this case are very brief but are sufficient to shake the head of any person in despair. A police party of CIA Moga came to the house of Parminder Singh @ Dhanni s/o Pritam Singh, R/o Basti Gobindgarh Moga, in a car dressed in plain clothes on 29th March 2018. They barged into the house and took away Parminder Singh @ Dhanni alongwith them. They left their telephone number on a piece of paper to contact them. Thereafter, on the second day they again came to his house alongwith Dhanni who was handcuffed. They allowed him to change his clothes and then again took him alongwith them. The whole incident is well captured in a CCTV camera footage installed in the nearby house. All the police personnel involved in this episode are clearly visible and identifiable in the CCTV footage. ( 11:14:15 and 11:20:46 2:13:2 and 2:28:14)
But to the utter surprise and shock of mohalla residents, the same Parminder Singh @ Dhanni who was taken by the CIA Staff two days ago from his very house, was shown to be arrested by the Moga Police during a police nakka with 120 gms powder and a pistol. Two other persons were also shown to be arrested with him, one with 260 gms of powder (Chitta)and a pistol and the other with the powder (Chitta) weighing 110 gms.
The question here is not only of the false implication of an individual, but about the broadday light unconstitutional and erroneous working of the Punjab police. As per CCTV footage and claim of the parents the person namely Parminder Singh @ Dhanni involved in this recovery was already in custody of police for the last two days, then how could the police show the said recovery from him after being arrested from a ploice nakka? This is a perfect case and befitting example how the police plant Chitta powder, pistol etc. by falsely implicating people, which is matter of very serious concern. Infact if you get done a careful perusal of the recoveries made in the NDPS Act across the state, 90 % of the said recoveries are shown to be done during interception at a police nakka’s although the people are often picked up from other places. This has been the modus oprendi of the police to falsely implicate people and plant fake recoveries upon them.
One wonders from where the police got this powder (chitta) and pistol for planting them on Parminder Singh @ Dhanni? Can the police who is the custodian of law be expected to stoop so low and indulge into such type of machinations and fabrications? And in this process cause a fatal blow to the confidence of people and the credibility and efficacy of our entire criminal justice system.
Therefore, keeping in view the serious ramifications of this blatantly false implication in an NDPS matter, I seek your personal attention and interference. Kindly get this utterly false, frivolous and erroneous FIR matter inquired thoroughly and fairly, if the facts of false recovery and implication are found to be true, strict action should be taken against the guilty policemen.

With regards,
Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
Leader of Opposition

1. Mr. Suresh Kumar, CPS to CM
2. SSP, Moga

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