Police Caught Assaulting Woman and Disabled Man

Handicapped Man Beaten, Abused and Thrashed by Police
The incident took place in Kurukshetra, Haryana when the local police cops abused, beat and thrashed a disabled man for a case of cheque bounce issues.The whole story was when assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Satbir Singh went to the Kuldeep’s place (an orthopedic patient) to hand over the court summons for the same case mentioned above. Kuldeep said that he don’t live with his father, mother, sister and brother so they can’t accept the summon on his behalf. Soon the conversation turned into a thrashing argument and Satbir called PCR for help.

When they came, they started beating disabled Kuldeep, his family members including his father, mother, brother and sister. You can clearly see in the video that the group of policemen is slapping his sister ruthlessly, dragging and beating the handicapped person which is totally inhuman and assaulting other family members.After the video went viral on the Internet, the department took some action and suspended the head constable.

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