Jassi Gill loses his cool on Stage

A video clip has gone viral on social media in which Punjabi Singer Jassi Gill gets involved in heated arguments.
To become a singer is no easy task and Singers go through many hurdles to achieve their dreams. Punjabi Singers promote violence, guns and drugs in Songs. Jassi Gill is also one of them. So Jassi Gill faced wrath during live show.

After delivering songs like ‘Bapu zimidar,’ ‘Laden,’ ‘Ik saal’ among others, Punjabi actor-singer Jassi Gill was in news with his track ‘Attt karti.’ Jassi infuses life into the song with his energetic vocals yet again proving his mettle to sing peppy Punjabi numbers. The music by Desi Crew is good to the ears and lyrics by Channa Jandali are grab attention.

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