Girl arrested for killing 4 drug mafias and a policeman

All-female death squads known as ‘The Skinny Girls’ are quietly infiltrating Mexico’s brutal drug wars and using their charm and sex appeal to kill their rivals.
The ‘young, beautiful and reckless’ assassins make up the ‘Flaka’ squads in the major criminal cartels and operate in groups of three or four.
They have swapped the more traditional role within drug trafficking gangs of laundering drug money and raising children for murdering women in rival cartels.
For example, La Gladys of the Zetas cartel butchered notorious assassin Joselyn Niño, of the Gulf Cartel in 2015 – and remains at large in northern Mexico.

She killed, dismembered and stuffed Niño in a beer cooler just over the Mexican border.
Niño had achieved notoriety when a picture of her grasping a modified M4 assault rifle with an innocent smile on her face began circulating on social media.
A picture of her body laying next to a dead man and another woman was taken before another image was posted showing her dismembered body in the cooler.
A tattoo saying ‘Nino’, the same as the one seen on her right forearm, is also seen in the cooler.
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