Gangster shot dead by rival in Jalandhar

A gangster was shot dead by a rival in broad daylight in Jalandhar, sources said on Sunday, amid heightened security in the city for Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s visit.Witnesses said the victim, Pancham, was sitting in his car when two men from a rival gang — Gursharan ‘Bhalu’ and one other person — stopped by on a motorcycle and knocked on the door. They shot him thrice as soon as he stepped out, the witnesses said.

Sources claim that the victim was believed to have been associated with a Congress candidate in the assembly elections and was helping him, while Bhalu was associated with a rival BJP candidate.
The victim’s family has accused the BJP leader of having a hand in the shooting. Family members of victim held a protest against the city police and BJP candidate KD Bhandari, who is also MLA from North constituency for sheltering Bhallu. Rasta Mohalla comes under North assembly segment.

Multiple cases were registered against Pancham who was arrested on June 12, 2016, for possessing with illegal weapons. He was out on bail.
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