Full Video of Master and Masterni

By 24th September 2017 0 Comments

These days a incident from Govt School Moga, Punjab has gone viral on social media and making headlines as Villagers caught Master and Masterni ( Male and female teacher) having sex in Govt School of Moga. The couple was caught in compromising position by villagers. After this incident, Villagers thrashed the couple and the police arrested both teachers. Master is regular base while Masterni is doing job on contract base.
According to Jagbani Report, Aam Aadmi Leader suspected activities of both and then kept eye on the couple.

In this new footage which shows Masterni sitting in classroom giving her statement on the incident.
Now Girl Told her story that the Master threaten her to fire from the job and forced her to have sex with him. On the other hand, Master who is getting salary of Rs 45k is offering Rs 1 lakh donation to school.

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