Demonetisation : Langar da Sahara

It’s been 49 days since PM Modi’s announcement of demonetisation and the major step to curb and crack down the black money has caused some sort of issues to public. One major concern is food. Cash crunch has lead outstation people to suffer for food which has ultimately increased the attendance in gurudwaras for Langar. They are coming up as a big boon for the one seeking food, without spending any money. Its pertinent to mention In the wake of the demonetization of high denomination notes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, several people are facing problems. And, are standing at the ATMs and Banks in queues to get the new currency. Viewing People in trouble who are standing in queues for hours, the Sikh community has come forward to serve people with the meal (langar) at various places sending a message of “Service to humanity is service to God” to people.

They are serving food for free to people, especially the poor who don’t have new high-value notes. They have laid a long table at the Railways station in Mangalore and are serving curry and rice to people without any money as they understand not all of them are carrying change due to the move of demonetization by the PM modi to curb the black money and corruption.Both men and women are serving the meal in disposable plates. Meanwhile, people enjoying the food are lauding for the Sewa. Social media is now flooded with the images of these people who are serving food to several masses without any personal interest.This is not the first time when Sikh community has come to serve the people. It is notable that Sikhs are always ready to help people whether they are the victim of an earthquake , tsunamis and economic storm in the country.
video: NewsNationTV

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