BJP-Akali Dal Govt shielding Tytler in 1984 carnage investigation: Phoolka

phoolkaChandigarh: The BJP-Akali Dal government headed by the Badal family has brought ruin to Punjab, and the people of Punjab have made up their minds to defeat the Badals in the upcoming elections. It appears as if the Badals have accepted defeat and are putting their weight behind the equality corrupt Congress, to thwart a certain victory for the AAP.
The Punjab Government withdrew cases of corruption against Capt. Amrinder Singh just last week, making it amply clear that the two leaders are on the same team. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also attacked Capt. Amrinder for running his campaign on Bikram Majithia’s drug money.
In a separate press conference held by the AAP today, senior leader of the party and it’s candidate from Dakha constituency HS Phoolka said, “Narinder Singh who is a witness in the Jagdish Tytler case has gone on record to a newspaper today that he is willing to join the investigation over the 1984 carnage. If a press reporter is able to reach him, why is the CBI telling the court that Narinder Singh is untraceable? We provided the CBI with his contact information, but the CBI appears to be unwilling to investigate this case. This shows that this Akali Dal-BJP Government is doing everything possible to protect a Congress leader in the 1984 carnage case.” Phoolka has been representing victims of the riots in court for the last few decades.
Phoolka added, “It is obvious the Modi Government supported by the Akali Dal is not arresting Tytler because they know this will harm the Congress in the polls. What’s shocking is that the Government is making the CBI issue false statements in Court.”
This shocking revelation must be seen in the context of the open alignment between the Akali Dal, the BJP and the Congress, in the face of the Aam Aadmi Party’s challenge to traditional parties. Both parties are aware that if the AAP were to come to power, all their leaders involved in corruption, drug trade, etc would not be spared. The fact that the Akali Dal would go to the extent of saving someone like Jagdish Tytler betraying their state and their people shows that the Badals are only hungry for power and wealth.

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