Woman strips in Delhi Metro after being abused

By 6th May 2017 0 Comments

NEW DELHI: In a video clip that has gone viral, two African women are seen arguing loudly with a group of commuters in a Metro coach in Delhi following what appears to be a dispute over seats. One of the women is so incensed that, taking the men by surprise, she starts taking off her clothes – saying ‘you want to fight, let’s fight’ – before a man intervenes to calm her down and defuse the situation.

It’s not clear from the clip what the immediate provocation for the row was – whether the women were reacting to something that was said or one man in the crowd was protesting against being pushed around by them. However, once again, it becomes amply clear that most Delhi men do not extend the basic courtesies to women and do not walk away from what can only be an ugly confrontation with racial undertones.
Even as the women protest, voices are heard in the background egging people on. ” Bahar nikalo; maro in salon ko; bulaon police walon ko” is heard over the commotion. When one of the women takes off her top in protest, the man arguing with her turns away, embarrassed.

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