Urgent Action Appeal: To protect a British Sikh national kidnapped and detained by police in India

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Dear [Insert MPs name]

Urgent Action Appeal: To protect a British Sikh national kidnapped and detained by police in India

I am deeply concerned and worried to hear about the abduction and detention of Jagtar Singh Johal, a 30-year old UK citizen from Dumbarton, by the Indian police in Punjab since the 4 November 2017.

Jagtar travelled to Punjab with his family on 2 October for his wedding that took place on 18 October and had been there for nearly five weeks when he was swooped upon. He had previously travelled to Punjab earlier this year in April for his engagement and stayed there for seven weeks without any difficulties.

Jagtar was out shopping with his newly wed wife and female cousin when he was abducted. There have been numerus national media reports that highlight his situation – see links at the foot of this letter.

On 5 November he was presented in court and was placed in police remand for five days. This was extended for four days on 10 November. His family in India and in the UK have been threatened and harassed.

It is unbelievable that to date the British High Commission has not been granted access to meet him to ensure themselves of his mental and physical wellbeing. Furthermore he has been denied contact with his legal representatives and his family. He has not been charged and his family fear he is being tortured.

As a constituent I would urge you to:

a. Contact his local MP Martin Docherty-Hughes to discuss how you can assist to secure his immediate release and return to the UK.

b. Write to the Foreign Secretary on my behalf to ensure this case is given a much higher priority and to put pressure on the Indian authorities.

c. Write to complain to the British High Commission in London on the treatment of a British national and his family members in the UK.

Please copy me your letters to the Foreign Secretary and Indian High Commission in London and any responses when they are received. Also please liaise with Preet Kaur Gill MP the Chair of the APPG for British Sikhs who is also in direct contact with the family.

Yours sincerely,

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Links to national media reports:

The Times – Scot held in India ‘influenced youth’

BBC News – Scots activist arrested in India for online ‘influence’

Independent – British tourist arrested in India for ‘influencing the youth through social media’

Evening Express – Briton accused by Indian authorities of ‘influencing youth through social media’

The Scotsman – Scot forced into back of a van and held in India

The Scottish Sun – Scot on holiday to India has sack thrown over his head before being thrown into a van by cops for ‘influencing through social media’



The aim is to try and write to over 100 MPs by the close of play Monday 13 November. In the first 7 days we want to reach at least 150 MPs.

1. Write to your MP in support of Jagtar Singh Johal

a) You can find who your local MP by visiting:
b) You can get the e-mail address for your MP by visiting:
c) You can e-mail your MP by using

2. Email sikhfederationuk@yahoo.co.uk the name of your MP as soon as you email him or her

3. Share copies of letters sent by your MP and any responses by emailing sikhfederationuk@yahoo.co.uk

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