UPDATE on Jagtar Singh Johal: Punjab Police delay court hearing, Medical examination denied

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Jaggi continues to be held without charge.
Following a to minute court appearance at which the British High Commission consular staff were present, Judges at Bagha Purana, Punjab released Jaggi from police remand to judicial remand. Judicial Remand had been set until 30th November zoi7. However, despite the Judges’ decision, in a behind-the-scenes manoeuvre, police from another district in Punjab, Ludhiana, were waiting for him outside the Court and detained Jaggi as he was travelling to jail to be processed and formally booked into judicial remand. The Ludhiana police then waited until the second from last hearing of the day to go back and request permission to hold him for a further to days in police remand, without formal charges. Police remand is where statistically, detainees are most likely to suffer torture in Punjab. The police were denied to further days remand, however, the Judge allowed police remand foes further 2 days.
Our legal team raised concerns that further police remand would be used to cause further legal delays and allow the Punjab Police to link Jaggi to further unsolved cases in their area, thus allowing them to apply for further police remand.
Clearly, the family and supporters find this highly alarming as Jaggi continues to be held without formal charges, and has made clear to consular staff that he does not understand the charges, as more are added. Jaggi is in a vulnerable state and at high risk of further torture.
Contact continues to be restricted; the legal team informed us that the cards with their details and the visiting cards of the British High Commission were removed from Jaggi’s pockets by Punjab Police. Additionally, as the temperature drops in Punjab over the cold winter months, his family sought to provide him with warm clothing, however the Punjab Police did not permit him to be given fresh clothing. Jaggi has already clearly raised to the British High Commission on 17th November that he is not aware of his legal rights.
Torture concerns were highlighted by the legal team once again, however the court mandated independent medical was denied, and the team will be formally raising their concerns to the court. To date, Jaggi has still not been permitted to speak with members of the British consulate delegation to establish his state of physical and mental wellbeing without the oversight of the Punjab Police and the family calls on the Chief Minister of Punjab to uphold his basic human rights.
The Free Jaggi Campaign Team

Official Statement by Johal’s Family

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh, Pyari Saadh Sangat Ji, This statement is made on behalf of Jagtar Singh Johal’s family and all the campaigners involved.
In light of the recent personal attacks made upon Mr Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, MP on social media we collectively make a humble benti to the Sangat to focus their efforts on the campaign #FreeJaggiNow
Please, let’s keep pushing this campaign forward and put positive pressure on those who are able to make a difference to Jaggi’s case. We can only do this with your support.
Our efforts remain exclusively focused on the safe return of Jaggi. Any deviation from this will not have been directed by our Team. We humbly request all supporters of the campaign to use their precious energy into creating awareness about Jaggi.
Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh

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