Underage Girl Subjected To Dirty Acts By Punjab Police

By 17th January 2018 0 Comments

For years now the entire world has been watching with interest the way in which Punjab Police operate. The methods have been highlighter again after the mistreatment of British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal in shilst in police custody. The NRI informed the world of the torture he suffered at the hands of the notorios Punjab police over a 4 day period.

The policing method of Punjab police is again under the spotlight after they were caught harassing an underage 15 year old girl from Hoshiarpur. The police visited a house looking for drugs and when none were found they stole 10,000 rupees from the house and took the young girl away. The police then made a demand of another 50,000 rupees from the family otherwise their young daughter would be mistreated.

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