This Is How Tytler Managed to Escape Punishment For Involvement In Sikh Genocide

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We are finally beginning to see movement in the case of the 1984 genocide. In a sting video made of Jagdish Tytler, we heard him admitting to killing 100 Sikhs and how he managed to get away with it and having connections to senior judges. This revelation comes a few days after the budget was announced where 10 crore rupees were allocated for the families of the victims during the genocide.

If this is how the legal system of India will continue to operate, then will it be acceptable for Sikhs to get their revenge and burn Tytler alive and pay his family compensation. Also, will Sikhs be allowed to torture corrupt police officers when and as they please and avoid the legal system. If an innocent officer is tortured then he can receive a pittance as compensation. Unfortunately, we all know the India legal system has been created to favour the corrupt and vile people and punish those of the Sikh faith.

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