The Truth Behind Target Killings Being Covered Up By Indian Media To Save CM From Embarrassment

Captain Amarinder Singh has now been in charge of Punjab for 1 full year. In this 1 year he has gone from being a respected politician to a hated one. The reason for this is his strategy deployed to fulfil his promises when campaigning. The CM promised to solve the “target killings” of RSS leaders. To keep this promise he had his police falsely arrest various Sikh youths to create religious hatred and made sure they were from various countries to create a false link to foreign countries. On 7 November 2017, he alongside his senior police officials said they had solved the “target killings” and those involved would be sentenced quickly. However, more than 4 months on and not one person has been charged with any crime and no evidence has been found. Instead the CM has shifted the cases over to the NIA as he realised he made a major mistake and was not willing to apologise or accept any blame for this. To make matters worse for the entirety of India, news channels such as News18 Punjab continue to back the claims of the CM and are following the narrative those in custody have ben charged when in actual fact nobody has been charged. The Indian media has been used to try to protect India from the rest of the world who have become disgusted at the behaviour of the so-called democracy and have realised how they are framing innocent people to win votes.

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