When Sridevi tied rakhi to husband Boney Kapoor!

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Did you know that Sridevi, the legendary actress who died on Saturday night, and Boney Kapoor’s wedding had a lot of drama to it.
According to the media reports, she had an affair with Mithun Chakravarthy. But, he was suspicious about her closeness with Boney and made her tie a rakhi to Boney.
Sridevi and Mithun Chakraborty’s reported secret marriage back in the 1980s is not a new thing, but one report now said that the actress had once tied rakhi on current husband Boney Kapoor’s wrist to prove her loyalty towards Mithun.

Sridevi and Mithun apparently had an affair as the duo fell in love during the making of Jaag Utha Insaan in 1984. Mithun was already married to Yogeeta Bali, and thus things had reportedly turned nasty.
Reports say that in spite of being married, Mithun had tied the knot with Sridevi in 1985. Following the wedding, his first wife Yogeeta had reportedly tried to commit suicide. Sridevi wanted Mithun to get divorced from his first wife, but that never happened. Mithun and Sridevi later reportedly decided to get separated.

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