Sri Akal Takht Sahib ordered sikhs to protect Gurudwaras on Dera issue

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As Dera Sirsa followers gather at several places and allegedly accumulate weapons in Punjab and Haryana ahead of the August 25 court verdict in a rape case on the sect head, Sikh organisations have urged the community to stay out of the matter.
Giani Gurbachan Singh, jathedar (head) of the temporal seat Akal Takht, in Amritsar on Wednesday asked Sikhs to “be ready for the things that will prevail due to the verdict and ensure safety”. He said the dera’s followers can “materialise any unfortunate incident on the day of the verdict under their bad intentions” and that Sikhs should “make arrangements for self-defence as well as for the security of gurdwaras”. Sikhs should gather at gurdwaras to keep vigil there to prevent any untoward incident, he added.

“The government also knows about the possible situation and it is responsible to maintain peace. As for the court’s proceeding against the dera chief, Sikhs should not bother; but be cautious,” he said, adding that the dera followers should respect the court’s decision.
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