Sikh’s Being Targeted By India Again, Promises of Another Operation Bluestar Made

By 20th February 2018 0 Comments

Recently we see Jagdish Tytler being caught in a sting operation where he admitted to killing 100 Sikh’s during the 1984 riots. To this day, 34 years later, not one single person has been charged or prosecuted for the Sikh genocide. Instead, Sikh’s are still being persecuted inside India and being thrown to the wolves. India has no love for Sikh’s and they show this time and time again.

With the visit of Canadian Prime Minister in India, the talks of a free homeland of Sikh’s has been reraised. The PM of Canada is being made a target for this cause and has done little to vocally support this. India is targeting the Sikh’s around the world through Justin Trudeau, simply because he has Sikh’s in his cabinet and visits Sikh events. We are now seeing Hindu youths threatening another operation Bluestar and it will come as no surprise to anybody, these people will be allowed to continue with their vile threats because they are the majority.

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