Sikhs Protest in Support of Jagtar Singh Johal

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Sikhs from all parts of Sydney and Canberra gathered in front of the Indian Consulate General today in protest against the illegal detentions of British Sikh Jagtar Singh Johal (Jaggi). They raised their voices against the injustice and demanded immediate release of the British citizen. Speeches were presented by members of various Sikh youth groups to highlight the brutal mistreatment by Indian security forces against Sikhs from 1984 until now. They stated that security forces such as Punjab Police are utilised as mechanisms by the Indian Judiciary system to cover their illegal activities. Emphasis was also placed on the lack of justice delivered by Indian security agencies and Judiciary system to the prepatrators of the 1984 Sikh Genocide. A memorandum demanding immediate release was delivered by representative members to the Consulate General.

Spokesperson of the protesting group stated that the “Illegal detention of Jagtar Singh Johal is being utilised by the Punjab forces in attempting to silence young Sikh Human Rights activists in the west however, the strong number of youth speakers at the event today displays their failure to do so.” They added that “This presence of young Australian Sikhs emphasises their dedication towards fighting human rights violations and conveyed the inability of such petty tactics attempting to quieten them.”

Many prominent community members and youth leaders were present at the event in support of this worldwide movement of #FreeJaggiNow.

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