Saraj Sandhu takes responsibility of murder of Hindu Leader Vipan Sharma

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Saraj Sandhu takes responsibility of murder of right-wing outfit Hindu Sangharsh Sena’s district president Vipan Sharma, 45, at Bharat Nagar .

Saraj Sandhu writes on his facebook page:
#SSA_ Mere sare veera nu mai ehh dsna c 30-10 nu jehra Amritsar batala road te #Vipan_Sharma da #Murder hoya c ohh mai kita ohh ess bande nu osdi kiti galti di szza mili aa Asi ajj tak kde kise da burra nhi kita te sade te sade yarra nal madda krn vale nu bardash nhi kita..Jehra piche jhe police vale da katal hoya c oss da katal ehne hi krvaya c te ohh sade jigri yaar de #Father_Saab c j kise nu nhi jkeen ta #police Enquiry krk pta kr lain essde relation niklnge te ess bnde ne hi i te hathyar dvaye c….Te ess nu kise hor #Dharam ja hor nal na joddya jave ehh sadi apsi ranjsh c…..hor jo kuj v media ch chl reha sbb glt aa baki sade bare galt bol rhe ne ohh jra soch vichar k phn tap krne sanu v aounde ne jra dyan nal..
#Respect_women(Who Deserve)

Latest Statement by Punjab Police:
Gangsters Saraj Singh Mintoo, Shubham Singh and Dharminder alias Goli Kazikot, who are prime suspects in the murder of Vipin Sharma, leader of the Hindu Sangharsh Sena, were using foreign-based mobile numbers. They were using social networking platforms for contacting each other and their accomplices thereby making it a tough task for the police to arrest them.
“The police teams are conducting raids in various parts of Punjab and also other states where they are suspected to be hiding after committing the crime. They are on the run and we are making continuous efforts to nab them,” said Charanjit Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police City-I.
He said the police believed that they were using foreign mobile numbers which could not be traced by the Indian telecommunication companies. They were using WhatsApp or Facebook to operate their network. Therefore, he added, it might take some time to finally nail and arrest them. He said the police were trying to ascertain who had provided such numbers to them. The ADCP is part of the special investigating team that has been investigating the case.
Though intelligence sources are hinting towards some financial transactions between the slain Hindu leader and the gangsters who killed Shubham’s father Baljinder Singh Kalu, the SIT said that there was no evidence so far to substantiate such claims. The ADCP said this was one of theories the SIT was working upon to solve the Vipin Sharma murder case. He said everything, including the motive behind Sharma’s murder, would be clear once the accused are arrested.

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