Sadhvi reveals Ram Rahim used to sexually abuse girls inside his Dera

By 12th September 2017 0 Comments

In a shocking revelation made by a Sadhvi (Women followers living inside Ram Rahim’s Dera were known as Sadhvis) who stayed at the Dera for 3 years told India News that Ram Rahim use to sexually exploit young girls inside his mysterious den after forcing them to drink some special alcoholic beverage.

“Baba would call the girls inside and make them drink a certain alcoholic beverage and then forced himself upon them once they were unconscious,” said the Sadhvi.The Sadhvi also said that Ram Rahim would keep male bouncers guarding his den who would beat any woman who refused to comply with Baba’s demands. Baba would chose the girl he wants and take her inside his den she added.

“There used to be bouncers outside the den, girls who would refuse baba were beaten up and forced inside. Many of the girls would come out crying from inside but not tell anyone about the assault fearing embarrassment”.
“I stayed at the Dera for three years from 1999-2002, that’s when I came to know about baba’s dirty deeds”
The Sadhvi further also added how she herself once was on the pervert’s radar but managed to escape somehow.
“I once got saved from become his prey”, she said.

“My parents sent me at the Dera for religious works and betterment of my studies but what I witnessed was horrible.”
Rapist Ram Rahim was sentenced to 20 years in prison on 28th August by a special CBI court in a rape case which was pending for 15 years.

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