‘Sadhvi’ exposes Ram Rahim

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Ram Rahim used letters written by a boy to one of the Sadhvis in the Dera Ashram as a pretext to rape her. He told the Sadhvi that she need not worry about the boy who had written letters as she had already given her body and mind to Ram Rahim by becoming a Sadhvi and that he was pardoning her past mistakes by having sexual intercourse that was purifying her. This incident happened 18 years back on the very same day that a CBI judge sentenced him to 20 years rigorous imprisonment.

The Sadhvi had been told by the Ashram in-charge that the Ram Rahim known as ‘Pitaji’ had called her inside the Gufa. The dera in-charge — a woman by the name of Sudesh Kumari — asked the Sadhvi to go upstairs in the Gufa after ringing a bell. She rang the bell and ‘Pitaji’ opened the door. She wished him the Dera greeting — “Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra”.
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