Sack Parrikar: Capt. Amarinder asks Modi

captainChandigarh: Punjab Congress president Capt. Amarinder Singh has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sack Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in the interest of the morale of the Indian Army, if the latter fails to quit immediately.
“You cannot allow such an incompetent jokers to continue to hold such a sensitive portfolio,” Captain Amarinder told Modi in a strongly worded statement issued here on Tuesday.
He condemned the Defence Minister’s diktat downgrading Army ranks as compared to their counterparts in the civil administration.
Reacting strongly to a report in a section of the media that a new defence ministry letter has downgraded the status of military officers across ranks, Captain Amarinder charged Parrikar with meticulously and shamelessly chipping away at the morale of the Indian Army in order to satiate vested bureaucratic interests.
According to the report, a colonel, who was until now equivalent to a director, has now been downgraded to a rank equivalent to a joint director. Similarly, a director-ranked civilian officer has been equated to a brigadier, and so on.
Expressing shock at this evident `mischief-plus’ by bureaucrats, with the ruling political establishment playing into their hands, Captain Amarinder urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to personally intervene and have the ministry’s totally unacceptable and unjustified decision revoked without a minute’s delay.
“You can imagine what the effect of low morale will be on the country’s strength against its enemies,” the Punjab Congress chief warned the Prime Minister, asking, “who will bear the responsibility for the army losing its morale?”
“You will be squarely responsible for any loss of morale. Are you and your government prepared to take the onus of putting India’s strong army on the path of self-destruction, which could eventually lead to the nation’s destruction,” Captain Amarinder demanded to know from Modi.
The attempt by Parrikar to humiliate the Army is a continuous process, which needs to be immediately put a stop to, said the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) chief, adding that the partisan and bureaucrat-centric approach of the minister could cause the nation to pay a heavy price.
Captain Amarinder said Parrikar had time and again proved himself to be worst defence minister in India’s history. Accusing Parrikar of total incompetence, the Punjab Congress leader said not only is the defence minister clueless about his job but is also actually a joker who likes clowning around with everyone around him.
“Unfortunately, he has now chosen to clown with the Army, which cannot be allowed at any cost,” said Captain Amarinder Singh. “You cannot play around with the Army to further your interests,” he told Parirkar.
“As an ex-soldier of the Indian Army I know what an army personnel deserves, and a proper ranking is just one of those things,” said Captain Amarinder, adding that depriving the army personnel of their rightful due could not but lead to massive erosion of their morale, which needs to be prevented come what may.

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