Reporter Reveals The Impact #FreeJaggiNow Had on India

In recent months the world has seen India attack Sikhs in the United Kingdom and Canada. However, what India did not expect was Sikh’s from all over the world to unite and fight back. The first attack started when Punjab police snatched British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal from the streets and then physically tortured him and made ludicrous accusations against him without proof. A campaign soon started in the UK to raise awareness about what happened to Jagtar using the #FreeJaggiNow campaign and was quickly picked up by reporters such as Sunny Hundal. In this panel show from Brampton, Canada, we hear how the unity in the #FreeJaggiNow campaign had India concerned and scrambling to regain a foothold of the mess they created. Sunny Hundal reveals how he received a phone call from the Indian High Commission to ask why there was such force and momentum behind the #FreeJaggiNow hashtag and campaign. The reporter then also reveals how social media activism has worked wonders and has managed to destabilise a country like India. We encourage everybody to continue raising awareness by using such hashtags as #FreeJaggiNow to show India we will no longer tolerate injustices against Sikh’s in India.

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