Rapist Ram Rahim Case : Interview with Sadhvi

By 11th September 2017 0 Comments

Every day, never-ending media disclosures on Ram Rahim reveal new facts about his murky deeds and luxurious and explosive possessions. Crime, fantasy, sex, and lust construct his image as a villainous, dubious baba in the Dera . The Punjab and Haryana High Court has recently directed search operations in the sprawling Dera premises. This recent court intervention comes in the wake of the legal and judicial language convicting and sentencing Ram Rahim of rape. The sanitisation of the dera will, to some extent, unravel the forbidden and buried histories of violence and exploitation.

Amid such revelations, it might be relevant to understand the complex strands of the narrative that shape the phenomenon of Ram Rahim and his Dera in Sirsa. It’s not a small matter that the dera of Ram Rahim enjoys an enormous appeal in Haryana and beyond, and constitutes an alternative form of religiosity and community.

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