Ram Rahim’s Commandos Tried To Help Him Escape

By 31st August 2017 0 Comments

Haryana’s Inspector General (IG) K. K. Rao confirmed that the security personnel of rape convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim tried to help him escape as soon as he stepped out of the court, but were unsuccessful in their attempt due to the tight security arrangements.Speaking to ANI, Rao said that Ram Rahim had come with full planning of the violence that happened after the verdict was pronounced against him.

He said that Ram Rahim’s ‘red suitcase,’ which he brought with himself, caught the eyes of almost everyone. It was actually used as a signal to instigate the violence outside the court after his conviction.”We were asked to not to let the convoy, following the Dera chief, to enter the area near the court premises. Few incidents did take place during this time, if we would have not taken care, then it would have caused a lot of danger,” he said.

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