Ram Rahim VS Bigg Boss

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Ram Rahim who has been sentenced to 20 years in jail in two rape cases, is a singer (Remember Highway Love Charger?), has produced, written, and acted in Bollywood movies like MSG, MSG 2 and Jattu Engineer. However, his bhakts and Bigg Boss fans missed a chance to see him on controversial reality show Bigg Boss, as the makers couldn’t fulfill his condition.

The Dera chief was approached for Bigg Boss 9 and he was more than eager to participate in the controversial reality show. However, he put forth a condition that the makers couldn’t meet.
At an event to promote his film MSG 2, the baba had confirmed that he was keen on participating in Bigg Boss. “Yes, I’ve been approached to appear on the show. But I asked them if they allow me to exit the house for 2-3 hours every day to meet my followers then I can think for it. Still nothing is finalised.”
However, according to Bigg Boss rules, no contestants can step out of the house till eviction, unless there is an emergency. In the past, contestants have stepped out to attend medical emergencies and court hearings.
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