Ram Rahim used to sell most expensive vegetables to his Chele

By 4th September 2017 0 Comments

It is revealed that Ram Rahm is use to sell expensive vegetables to his devotes. As he did farming in Dera and sold put his vegetables and make money.
“When Ram Rahim started out and people started queuing up, he started charging Rs1,000 per person for darshan (an audience). That amount went up to Rs5,000, then Rs10,000. Before his conviction, it was anywhere between Rs50,000-75,000 per person. People come to see him despite that. This and the money that they get from other entities keeps their economy running,” said a senior Haryana state government official, requesting anonymity.

The money, the official said, was used purely to finance Ram Rahim’s luxurious lifestyle.

“His cars, his gufa (‘cave’), his outfits and his films are all sponsored by the darshan money. There have been complaints of ill-treatment at the hands of Ram Rahim’s bhakts (followers), but those voices have been silenced,” the official added.

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