Ram Rahim raped over 2,000 girls

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Days after the conviction of Dera Chief Ram Rahim in two 15-year-old rape cases, a Sadhvi who spent thirty years in the Dera, made a series of shocking revelations to India TV that exposed the ugly face of the Dera chief.
In an exclusive interview to India TV, the ‘sadhvi’ who requested anonymity, disclosed that Ram Rahim used to call a new girl every five-six hours, claiming that he has raped not less than 2,000 ‘sadhvis’.
She further revealed that the girls complained to their parents, but they were too blindfolded in Ram Rahim’s faith to pay attention to them.

She also revealed that Honeypreet’s marriage was a pre-planned intrigue, after which he separated her from her husband, and then adopted her as a daughter to delude people, adding that Honeypreet was actually Ram Rahim’s girlfriend.What is more shocking is that all this was known to the followers living in the Dera but they remained nonchalant.
The ‘sadhvi’ further disclosed that Ram Rahim used to peek from the window of the secret cave and choose a girl that he liked. He then used to forcefully take her to his room and rape her.
She also revealed that thousands of girl, raped by Ram Rahim, were forced to abort their child. Initially, the abortion was done somewhere in Bathinda, but later on, he opened his own hospital where Aditya’s wife Kirti used to carry out the abortions.
The ‘sadhvi’ also revealed that these girls were given ‘maafi’ by the Dera chief. Initially, she didn’t understand for what these girls were given maafi, but later it came to light that it was actually a codeword for the wrongdoing.
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