Ram Rahim Murdered Many People and Buried Them in the Dera

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Ram Rahim sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in the two rape cases. A series of dreadful crimes are revealed with this case committed by Ram Rahim including murders, castration etc. Khatta Singh, an eye witness and former disciple of Baba Ram Rahim revealed very shocking things about Ram Rahim.

Ram Rahim jailed: Sudesh Kumari, the woman who braved odds to get justice for a sadhvi
Sudesh Kumari travels in the general compartment. She is not a known face on TV channels, among champions of the cause for women. But she works quietly to make democracy tick. Kumari empathised with the two sadhvis who accused Ram Rahim of sexual exploitation because “the matter was such, how could she not be with them”. It all began when she learnt about the anonymous letter written by the two women against the Dera head at Sirsa. “I continued to talk to her and felt her pain.”
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