Ram Rahim Gets VIP Treatment in Rohtak Jail

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A Rohtak jail prisoner, who is currently out on bail, is to be believed rape convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim is enjoying certain facilities inside the prison.
A jail inmate of convicted Ram Rahim revealed that the latter is enjoying inside the prison.

Rahul Jain, the bailed out convict told ANI that the attitude of jail authorities towards Ram Rahim is different as compared to other prisoners, as the self-styled god man enjoys more perks and is given special treatment.
“Authorities say that Baba is in the same jail, but no one has seen him there. No one is allowed to go wherever Baba is kept,” Jain said, and added that all other inmates are locked up whenever Ram Rahim is let out of his cell, as he usually goes to the canteen to get water, milk, or juice.Jain further said that ever since Ram Rahim was admitted in jail, other prisoners are being deprived of basic necessities.

“Since he came, everyone is having a lot of problems. Earlier, we used to freely roam inside the campus, food was also good, but all that changed. Our basic necessities like clothes and shoes also stopped coming in. Our fellow prisoner, Ashok then approached the judge after, who then pulled up the jail authorities. The supply gradually began after that,” Jain said.Jain also informed that the inmates had also held a strike against the injustice, but it did not change the situation. Jain even rebuffed the reports about Ram Rahim working in the jail

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