Ram Rahim Gave 5 Crore to Chele to create Violence

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The verdict for Ram Rahim came on 25th August but from 23rd August his followers started gathering in Panchkula and according to what Haryana Police has received information from intelligence sources that Dera has given Rs 5 crore to Barkor Singh and Dr. Nain. Both of them are currently are not in reach of police. Police had received information that for the Panchkula violence, crores of rupees were paid in the Punjab on behalf of Dera.

Since August 23 in Panchkula, hundreds of thousands of followers and supporters of the dera were gathering. The money was given from the dairies for their lodging, food drinking and their arrival and rent. According to sources, crores rupees were sent in Punjab also.This amount was sent on behalf of Sirsa Headquarters Dera Sirsa.
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