Ram Rahim Di Ek Hor Kartoot

By 5th September 2017 0 Comments

Ram Rahim’s mansion, which houses the infamous ‘gufa (cave)’, which has been portrayed as a den of dark secrets, where he allegedly lured and sexually exploited women, is only a few metres from the media centre. Today, it is “completely out of bounds for the media”. Its pink walls — with paintings of blue dolphins, waterfalls, lakes and clouds — can be seen from a distance.

In one corner of the campus is the complex that houses the ‘Sach Ajooba Washing Machine’ which, insiders claim, can wash 10,000 clothes in one round. They claim the machine, “designed” by Ram Rahim, has found its way into the Asia Book of Records. Earlier this year, Ram Rahim also inaugurated the MSG Bharatiya Khel Gaon to “train athletes for the Olympics”. Spread over 23 acres, the complex has a cricket stadium, a clay and synthetic court for lawn tennis, grounds for hockey and football, a roller-skating rink, and courts for volleyball, basketball and handball.

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