Radhe ‘Maa’ comments on Ram Rahim

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Radhe Maa, aka Sukhvinder Kaur, is based in the Borivali suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra. She has been staying at the residence of Sanjeev Gupta, a businessman, in Mumbai for 10 years. The house is called Radhe Maa Bhavan by her devotees. Gupta is a managing trustee of Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust. Her celebrity followers include filmmaker Subhash Ghai and actor Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan.

1. Radhe Maa was born in Dorangala village of Gurdaspur district in Punjab. Her real name is Sukhvinder Kaur. She used to work as a seamstress.
2. She dropped out of school after Cass IV and married Mohan Singh at the age of 17. She had two sons when her husband went abroad for work.
3. She was 23 when she became a disciple of Mahant Ram Deen Das of 1008 Paramhans Bagh Dera Mukerian in Hoshiarpur district. Ram Deen Das gave her the title of Radhe Maa (Mother Radha). Her followers believe she is an avatar of Goddess Durga.
4. Sukhvinder Kaur likes the colour red; she almost always wears red clothes and carries a mini trishul. It is said that her son is planning his acting debut soon.
According to her official website, ‘Chhoti Maa’ and ‘Talli Baba’ are her closest followers. Talli Baba arranges her calendar.
5. Sukhvinder Kaur ran into trouble when Gupta’s daughter-in-law Nikki accused Kaur of inciting her in-laws to demand more dowry, and of forcing her to work at the ashram, where she was physically assaulted. On August 6, 2015, the Mumbai Police declared her an absconder in this alleged case of dowry harassment, and issued a lookout notice against her. Dolly Bindra, an actress, also filed a criminal case against her.
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