Punjab Police Embarrassed By Jaggi Johal and Now Try To Get Their Revenge With Fake Evidence

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29th Pre-Trial Custody Hearing.

Today Jaggi was presented in court for the 29th time in three and a half months for his 29th “pre-trial” hearing.

The Indian justice system has completely failed Jaggi. The ineptitude of the FCO in understanding how the system itself is being abused by government security agencies has lead to Jaggi being illegally arrested, tortured, and detained without trial or charge for 113 Days.

At today’s hearing the Punjab police once again applied for police remand. Allegedly a disk containing government records was obtained by Punjab police, the night before the 29th hearing. Today the Punjab police presented this unsealed and unstamped disk in court requesting 10 days of police remand.

Objections to this alleged evidence were raised by defense lawyers. This alleged disk, containing government records, is completely unverified and could easily be altered and have its data manipulated. The defense argued that the NIA have already investigated 12,000 pages of government records, which are the same records allegedly contained on the disk. This repeat investigation is an attempt to cause legal delays.

Nonetheless the judge granted a further 5 days of police remand until 1st March. Jaggi will have been remanded for 10 days in total for this additional case. The case relates to an old and rusted pistol which was allegedly recovered by Punjab police. As yet no evidence has been presented in court despite multiple police remand extensions for ‘recovery’.

Police remand is where mistreatment is commonplace and where detainees are most vulnerable. Jaggi has already been tortured during police remand, and his treatment over the last 5 days is a cause for major concern. Jaggi has had the same clothes for the last 5 days, and has not been allowed fresh clothes. He has been isolated from his family visits by constant relocation. Lawyers and family have not been informed of Jaggi’s whereabouts in a timely manner, and only after investigating by the legal team is Jaggi’s actual location revealed.

The Indian government and its security forces have constantly violated due process, operated with impunity, and zero transparency in the way Jaggi has been treated.


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