PM Modi Embarrasses CM Captain Amarinder In Front Of Entire World

By 3rd March 2018 0 Comments

Amid the euphoria of poll results in the three north-eastern states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s compliment for Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh has put both him (Captain) and the Congress at unease.

Delivering a victory speech on Saturday, Modi mocked the Congress saying its chief ministers are becoming rare. But he heaped praise on Amarinder saying, “Neither he nor they (Congress) consider each other their own. He is a ‘swatantra fauji’ (independent soldier).” He also tweeted it later.

As the Congress saw red, Amarinder was quick to dismiss Modi’s remarks as part of “BJP’s futile attempts to create a wedge between him and the Congress high command through frivolous and unsubstantiated statements ahead of the 201/.9 Lok Sabha elections”.

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