No end in sight to stray cattle menace

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There seems to be no end in sight to the stray cattle menace in the holy city as they can be seen roaming around on the streets, disrupting traffic, leading to unpleasant accidents and creating problems for the residents as well as commuters.The continuing of the problem points a finger at the authorities who seem to be slow in waking up to the problem being faced by the residents.

These cattle can be seen roaming freely here and there, eating garbage littered on the roads and also spoiling the greenery of the place.Stray cattle can be seen spread across the city, be it Civil Lines or the Walled City area. The stray animals can be seen squatting in the middle or on the sides of the roads, blocking traffic or leading to minor accidents. Its notable Punjab government approved a plan for bull sterilisations to tackle the threat of stray cattle, prompting members of the cattle trade and the leather and sports goods industries to accuse it of skirting the underlying problems.
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