NIA Desperation To Make False Case Against Jaggi Johal Leads To Them Torturing People To Create Fake Witnesses

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55 years old Rampal, who had rescued Shiv sena leader to hospital after the latter was shot at by two unidentified assailants, reportedly committed suicide on January 23 under NIA’s pressure by jumping into Sirhind canal. It is learnt that he was deliberately subjected to harassment by the NIA team to pressurize him turn into eye-witness in Jaggi Johal Case.

Updates By Free Jaggi Now Campaign:

India’s “premier investigation agency” the NIA has its tactics exposed as an alleged “key witness” against Jaggi commits suicide due to constant harassment.

Rampal, a 55 year old man took his own life on 23rd January 2018 after prolonged harassment by the NIA in order to force him to become a fake witness against Jaggi.

According to the Indian Express “Rampal, a cobbler, used to sit at Lalheri Chowk, a few metres from the crime spot”. Due to the proximity of Rampal’s makeshift shop to the location of the killing of a right wing fascist Hindutva group (‘Shiv Sena’) leader Durga Gupta-Parshad, the NIA constantly “harassed and mentally tortured” Rampal according to his family.

The fabrication of evidence and production of multiple sarkari-gavah (fake “government” witnesses) is well documented by human rights groups. In the case of Professor Devinderpal Singh Bhullar the government produced 133 “eye witnesses” and not one of them was able to identify Professor Bhullar.

Currently Jaggi has had 5 fabricated cases placed against him without any charge or production of any evidence since his illegal arrest on 4th November 2017. The Indian government has become increasingly desperate in justifying his arrest as the “cases” are undermined by the media and the activists in the Sikh diaspora.

In the murder case of a Christian Pastor, Sultan Masih, that the Punjab police have also placed on Jaggi, the pastor’s family and friends have told Christian newspapers:

“Hindu extremists had taken offence at a gospel event celebrating the church’s 25th anniversary, and had threatened Pastor Masih.”

“RSS activists arrived there and started accusing the pastor of forced conversions. They came to him to quarrel twice after the event, too.”


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