Navjot Sidhu on Kapil Sharma- Sunil Controversy

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Comedian Sunil Pal, who has appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show for a few episodes post Kapil’s public spat with Sunil Grover, has now shared a video on his Facebook page, where he can be seen apologizing to Sunil on Kapil’s behalf and urging them to patch-up.
In the video, Sunil Pal requests Sunil Grover to return to the show and forgive Kapil. He tells Sunil that he is a great artist and should not pay attention to such petty issues. According to Sunil Pal, a lot of people from other channels are taking advantage of this fight and provoking him.

He further asked Sunil to recall the time when he quit Comedy Nights With Kapil for Mad In India, but had to return as injustice was done to him and ultimately the show had to be shut down. He also talked about how Sunil has always been a great artist. But even though he had done many films before Comedy Nights With Kapil, it was the show and Kapil who made him a household name.
In the video Sunil urged Grover to return as The Kapil Sharma Show is a source of livelihood for 500 comedians and may shut down if he doesn’t come back. Sunil Pal also added the people who are provoking him want to bring down TRPs of the show, so that they can take advantage of Grover and Kapil’s popularity. Pal was also seen saying that people call him Kapil’s ‘Chamcha’, but he has no qualms about it and wants both of them to reunite.
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