MP Tan Dhesi ‘disgusted’ by racist attack against his Sikh visitor

By 23rd February 2018 0 Comments

A Sikh MP was left “disgusted and embarrassed” after a visitor to Parliament had his turban almost ripped off in an alleged racist attack.
Ravneet Singh was visiting Slough MP Tan Dhesi to talk about his global work in environmental protection and was queuing outside Portcullis House when he was approached by an unknown man.
The alleged attacker reportedly said “Muslim go home” and made a grab at Singh’s turban, before fleeing the scene.

Police are trawling CCTV from Wednesday evening in a bid to identify the man.
Dhesi, who became the first turban-wearing Sikh in the Commons when he was elected last year, said he was appalled at the incident.″I was disgusted that someone filled with such hatred tried to pull off the turban of one of my guests,” he added.“While consoling Ravneet, I felt embarrassed that he would be left with a personal scar from his visit and a negative perception of our country.”

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