Meet the judge Jagdeep Singh who put Ram Rahim behind the bars

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Jagdeep Singh is a man behind the verdict of Ram Rahim. Meet this incredible judge who put Ram Rahim behind the bars.

Here are 5 things to know about Jagdeep Singh
1. In 2000, he graduated from Panjab University (PU) having his Law degree. Between 2000 and 2012 he dealt with both civil and criminal cases.
2. In 2012, he joined Haryana judicial services. Before becoming a judge, he served as a Punjab and Haryana high court lawyer.
3. Being his second posting as a judicial officer, he was designated as CBI special judge in 2016.
4. According to a leading daily “Singh likes keeping a low profile and is a man of few words. But all those who know him vouch for his competence and integrity”.
5. The judge made headlines in September 2016 when on his way from Hisar to Panchkula, he rushed four injured people to the hospital in Jind district. At first, he called for an ambulance but was informed that the ambulance `can’t come flying`. Instead of waiting, he stopped a private vehicle and volunteered to take the injured to the hospital by himself

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