Man Reveals How He Was Tortured By Punjab Police

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On January 17, 2018 we see the NIA using underhanded tactics and secretly presenting Jagtar Singh Johal in court without any legal presentation. During a live show to discuss these event we heard from Kulwant Singh Mothada who talks about the methods used by Punjab police during their so called “interrogation”. Mr Mothada reveals how he is a close friend of lawyer Jaspal Singh Manjhpur and reveals the both of them have been tortured at the hands of Punjab police in the past. We hear various methods used and they create an image in your head which you would not wish upon your worst enemy. The guest reveals how Mr Johal revealed to the world he suffered the exact same fate and yet no action is being taken. In the era of 1984, there was no social media or news coverage to highlight these cases and he asks all viewers to take it upon themselves to highlight these atrociities against Mr Johal as we all have a voice now which must be heard. Mr Mothada reveals how those families who had their members disappeared in 1984 are still awaiting confirmation of what happened to them. He ends this topic by questioning the system of India’s legal system where a person is allowed to be held for a long period without charge and this time is used to mentally and torture them and it is an attempt to break them mentally to present a fake case.

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