Live Updates : Ludhiana Police Gets Remand of UK Citizen Jagtar Singh Jaggi for 2 Days

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Scot incredibly taken back into police custody and faces further torture

India using pressure to keep its corrupt and immoral practices hidden

London – 17 November 2017 : Following a short 10-minute court hearing Jagtar Singh Johal from Dumbarton was to the relieve of his family, the world wide Sikh community and no doubt UK politicians and the UK government transferred in the afternoon from police to judicial custody.

Many believe this was in direct response to the considerable pressure exerted by the British Sikh community through lobbying over 200 Members of Parliament, pressure from the Scottish government and yesterday’s large peaceful protest outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

Many expected Jagtar’s move from police to judicial custody to bring an end to the physical torture he has suffered since being abducted by police almost two weeks ago on 4 November.
However, incredibly in a behind-the-scenes manoeuvre it has emerged that despite the decision by the court earlier in the day he was taken by police from another district to the duty magistrate in Ludhiana to request he be returned to police custody. He should have been taken to prison, processed and formally booked into judicial remand.

When the duty magistrate refused Jagtar was taken to the house of an area magistrate late in the evening and shockingly has been returned to police custody for the next two days without charge, although it is understood the police wanted 10 days to continue their abuse. His legal team are concerned this time will be used to try and falsely link him to unsolved cases in the area as the police clearly have been unable to produce any evidence to date to charge him.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said:

“The actions of the Indian authorities are a kick in the teeth for the British government. Indian police under pressure from politicians are demonstrating through their actions they are a law to themselves and can do almost anything to an innocent British citizen.”

“They are proving that the UK government are powerless unless they are prepared to raise the stakes and speak out on the appalling treatment by the Indian authorities of a British subject under the gaze of the world media.”

“If the tables were reversed senior Indian government ministers would have been up in arms and created a major diplomatic incident about British human rights abuses by the former colonial power and the absence of the rule of law.”

Earlier the application by Jagtar’s lawyers for an independent medical examination from a medical board consisting of three medical experts to verify his allegations of torture was denied by the court. Disappointingly the court accepted the police assurances that Jagtar had been medically examined on a regular basis and the police not surprisingly denied allegations of torture.

Jagtar told his lawyer, Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur, that he was first allowed to meet ten days after his abduction on 14 November that his legs were forcibly stretched beyond limits and electric shocks had been applied to his nipples, ears and private parts.

It is well documented that electric shocks are a routine form of torture used by Punjab police. Human Rights Watch has evidence of widespread use of torture by police in India. Police have admitted that without proper training and equipment to gather evidence, and under pressure from politicians to solve crimes, they frequently uses torture as the tool most readily available to them.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) continued:

“Any civilised judicial system would allow independent medical examination when there are allegations of torture and the authorities have nothing to hide. The torture victim should always be given the benefit of the doubt by the courts.”

“The sad truth is torture by Indian police is endemic and the judiciary, is prone to political pressure and is unfortunately doing its best to help the police hide or continue the brutal torture.”

The family and supporters of Jagtar are alarmed with these latest developments and deeply concerned for him. The UK Government will need to be robust and act quickly at a political rather than consular level over the weekend and on Monday as Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary is expected to be challenged by MPs on Tuesday when he answers questions in the Commons.

MPs will want to know what the Foreign Office and senior British politicians have been doing to assist the young Scot and will be far from impressed with their actions to date. Some will no doubt think the Indian authorities have been taking the UK Government for a ride and demand a tough response.


Gurjeet Singh
National Press Secretary
Sikh Federation (UK)

Note 1: The Sikh Federation (UK) is by far the largest, most prominent and influential campaigning Sikh organisation in the UK that leads on political engagement for the British Sikh community. The organisation is often referred to as the first and only Sikh political party. The Sikh community in the UK and throughout the diaspora look to the organisation for leadership and direction.

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