Leaked Audio Tape EXPOSED Pre Planning of Panchkula Violence

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Here is the full transcript of the conversation:
Dera supporter 1: Hello. How are you?
Dera supporter 2: Yes. I am fine.
Dera supporter 1: How many people were there?
Dera supporter 2: Yesterday the number reached to approximately 350.
Dera supporter 1: How many tempos were there?
Dera supporter 2: There were 6 tempos. There were 2 buses. Then the other people arranged for their own conveyance.
Dera supporter 1: There are many supporters there. There is no worry about anything.
Dera supporter 2: You should tell them the message of pitaji, to each individual personally, to not take Satguru’s name anywhere.
Dera supporter 1: You tell them that even if you attack do not name Satguru.
Dera supporter 2: They should attack and if any reporter asks them they must say that they are doing this on their own will. They do not have to say that pitaji or someone else sent them. He has done a special work.
Dera supporter 1: I have already given this message to all the premis. They are all with us. They will not take any name.
Dera supporter 2: Even the kids know that if they are asked, they have to say that they have come at their own will. When are you leaving?
Dera supporter 1: I am leaving in a while. We have to give a statement to the reporters. Satguru had called, I have to go report to him.

Dera supporter 2: You take some people with you. You leave, but take some people with you.
Dera supporter 1: Where are you? Have you left?
Dera supporter 2: I am leaving, I have many things to do. I am collecting people with me.
Dera supporter 1: I will reach tomorrow. I met Sunil Kumar from Sirsa, he suggested me to send the premis first and then go myself. I also have to take the langar with me. Where will you go? Where will you stay there?
Dera supporter 2: I’ll go to Panchkula, there is a gathering there already. Then I’ll go to Sirsa.
Dera supporter 1: Will you meet our guy Deepak near Krinanagar?
Dera supporter 2: Yes. I have asked him. (inaudible)
Dera supporter 1: Yes. You can make the arrangements for langar or whatever you want from there. He understands. You take your belongings there.
Dera supporter 2: (inaudible)
Dera supporter 1: Keep these things hidden. Do not show-off. What is supposed to be done should be done, we should attract no more troubles.

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