Kise Di Wahuti Naal Nachoge taa ….

By 11th January 2017 0 Comments

A person’s wedding day in undeniably one of the most important events and days in a person’s life. It’s the day when all eyes are on you, your every move is being recorded by multiple people and will remain as video for posterity. A video clip has gone viral on social media in which a groom could not tolerate his friend in Black Kameez Pajama dancing with his wife.

In India, Wedding Preparations are done months, even years, in advance – from the venue, dress, guest list to planning each and every detail of the ceremonies. But then, we all know that life tends to take its own sudden turns, and the most unexpected incidents happens – embarrassingly, in front of all your friends, family and some even total strangers, and they’ll all make sure you never forget those moments of horror, ever in your life.

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