‘Jora 10 Numbaria’ shows reality of a gangster’s life: Deep Sidhu

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Based on true events, ‘Jora 10 Numbaria’ is a movie telling the story of a kid who grows up to become a gangster. The film surrounds the events that make him a gangster. , who plays in the film, says, “The film is a journey, telling the story of how that kid becomes Jora.”
The film is written and directed by Amardeep Singh Gill, who has worked on the story for years. It is his directorial debut.
“It is not a film that glorifies gangsters. This film shows that youth of Punjab is peace-loving. But there are people who do not want it that way. Youngsters are forced into this gangster world for political benefits, and then, there is no going back,” said Deep Sidhu.

Actor Dharmendra plays the role of a mentor and a godfather to Jora. In his days, a hit, Dharmendra has been given a look that is similar to Robert de Niro in ‘The Godfather II.’ Meeting him becomes the turning point for Jora in the film.“The film tells how a gangster can only be saved if he is jailed or if he turns a politician,” says Sidhu. However, even that is not so easy. “We understand how this ‘guns and gangs’ culture is glorified in Punjab. Our film portrays a life, one would not wish for.”
‘Jora 10 Numbaria’ is due to release on September 1.
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