Jagtar Singh Johal Case : Indian Media and Indian Agencies Exposed

Indian media India today aired a video clip of Scottish citizen Jagtar Singh Johal and claimed that it was his the video of his “confession”.
The media reports came during a time when the police and investigation agencies are yet to file chargesheet against him the courts. But the Indian media that aired this video tended to pass its ‘verdict” against Jagtar Singh Johal holding him accountable.

Amritsar (Punjab): In the latest development in the murder of Hindu Sangharsh Sena’s leader Vipan Sharma, Punjab Director General of Police Suresh Arora visited the murder site and met the victim’s family on Saturday.

After meeting the family, the Punjab DGP said this is not a terrorist sponsored crime and one accused has been identified. 45-year-old HSS leader was shot dead in broad daylight in Bharat Nagar locality of the city on Monday. The Amritsar Police formed a three-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the HSS leader’s death.

City Police on Thursday claimed to have arrested two men in connection with the killing of Hindu Sangharsh Sena leader Vipin Sharma, who was shot dead in the Bharat Nagar area here on October 30.

They have been identified as Vishal Sharma, alias Bahman, a resident of Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, and Kunwabir Singh, alias Kammy, a resident of Ganda Singh Colony. They were arrested at the Tarn Taran road, near Raminder Singh Bularia park (Sakatari Bagh).
Police Commissioner SS Srivastav said Vishal had accompanied the prime suspects and gangsters Saraj Singh Sandhu alias Mintoo and Shubham Singh, while Kunwarbir had helped them escape.
He said both the accused were reportedly out of the state.
Press Release By Sikh Federation (UK)

Britain appears powerless to stop abuse of 30 year old scot by indian authorities latest outrageous tactic used by the Indian authorities has backfired
Matter expected to be politically escalated next week with pressure on Britain to take tough stand against India
London – British consular staff were prevented again yesterday from meeting in private with Jagtar Singh Johal, the 30 year old Scot from Dumbarton who has not yet been charged and has claimed he has been tortured in police custody and forced to sign blank sheets of paper.
Despite discussions with his counterpart Boris Johnson’s efforts have to date proved ineffective in gaining unfettered access to a British citizen since his abduction some five weeks ago on 4 November 2017.
Jagtar has therefore been deliberately prevented by his abusers from spelling out first hand to British consular staff the torture, abuse and mistreatment he has experienced at the hands of the Indian police and been repeatedly denied an independent medical assessment.
Instead many have today watched a leading Indian TV channel in disbelief that shockingly showed extracts from Indian police interviews of Jagtar that you would assume would be classified and confidential.
The interviews have been leaked to the Indian media in an attempt to demonise and put at risk other British Sikhs and their families who have been named by Jagtar.
In these police interviews Jagtar’s honesty, openness and innocence comes across as he describes in detail how he became interested in telling the story of atrocities committed by the Indian authorities in the 1984 Sikh Genocide.
As Jagtar was giving police interviews as opposed to interviews that would be leaked by the police to the TV channels he specifies what he did in the way of research and translations for the Never Forget 84 website and those he met and communicated with as part of his research.
Bhai Narinderjit Singh, the General Secretary of the Sikh Federation (UK) said:
“Surely the police should be investigating and presenting hard evidence in court rather than adding to this shambolic circus of a trial by media that was started by the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Director General of Police.”
“Despite repeated claims of a confession and substantial evidence being available the footage of Jagtar that has been released does not suggest any crime has been committed.”
“This information that has been released would not stand up in a court of law and is now inadmissible.”
“These tactics of the police smack of desperation in an attempt to try and discredit Jagtar and cause confusion by implying he is spilling the beans on others.”
The news segment by India Today shocked many as it falsely showed alongside Jagtar’s interviews images of somebody the Indian government claim to be a Pakistani ISI officer posing for photos with several Sikhs described as “Khalistani terrorists”.
However, the Indian media has been exposed for fabrication. The person described by the Indian government as an ISI officer is Ihsan H. Nadiem, a Pakistani archaeologist, museologist, author and poet. This is a major embarrassment for the Indian authorities.
Several of the British Sikhs pictured and falsely described as “Khalistani terrorists” alongside those demonised via the inappropriate release of extracts of Jagtar’s confidential police interviews are expected next week to raise official complaints about the Indian authorities to the Foreign Office via their MPs.
This latest outrageous tactic used by the Indian authorities is expected to badly backfire as pressure will now come from half a dozen different MPs on the need for the UK Government to take a tough stand.
The family of Jagtar will now be demanding the Foreign Office issue a strongly worded public statement challenging the false narrative to date by the Indian authorities and stopping them spreading misinformation.
Gurjeet Singh
National Press Secretary
Sikh Federation (UK)

Detailed Report By Sikh Siyasat:

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