Jagtar Johal Lawyer Reveals How NIA Double Crossed Legal System

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Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur – 18th of January 2018
VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

Yesterday, when I was going to Nabha Maximum Security Jail to meet Jagtar Singh Johal, I received a call from the [British] Embassy asking, “Does [Jagtar Singh Johal] have a court hearing today, in Mohali?” I said, “No, [he] does not have any court hearing today. I am going to go meet him personally [at Nabha].” Then, they said, “Today, the jail officials informed us that he was taken to Mohali.” Then, I verified this and learned that the NIA took custody of Jagtar Singh Johal under R.C. 26 (17) and presented him in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Sanjay Agnihotri in Mohali, without any legal representation, and took remand of him again. The Punjab Police had already taken remand of him for four days [between] the 2nd of December to the 6th of December, in relation to this case; and, as per the law, he could only be taken on remand during the initial 30 days in relation to the same case. This rule was violated. The judge, or the NIA, did not contact me, or Sardar Baljinder Singh Sodhi; nor, at the time of his hearing, was [Jagtar Singh Johal] provided with any legal aid. After this, at 2 PM, DSP Bakshi called [me] and said, “I am only [calling to] inform you, [but] we have taken Jagtar Singh Johal into custody.” I asked [him], “Where are you detaining him?” However, they did not give me any reply about his detention location. Then, I asked them, “I want to meet him. Where should I come?” They replied, “This call was solely to inform you. You should avoid meeting him. Either way, you don’t have any Court Order directing you to meet him. You can come to the NIA Court in Mohali on the 22nd [of January].” In brief, in order to intimidate Jagtar Singh Johal, he was not allowed to meet myself, [Baljinder Singh] Sodhi, or allowed access to any legal aid. Furthermore, no one has been informed as to where he is [currently] being detained and [they] denied us the right to meet him also. This entire inquiry by the NIA is in violation of the Rule of Law. In my opinion, the judge is also involved in this situation. The U.K. Government, especially, should take notice of this serious [act].

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